Close cooperation with private Companies, Contractors,Government Agency and Local Authorities and in Tanzania to develop infrastructure in the field of civil works has been our prior
  1. 2 trucks 7 tone in good running condition
  2. 2 concrete mixers
  3. Two supervision vehicles
  4. One poker (2)
  5. Wheel barrow (10)
Other equipment will be hired according to the need of the contract works.

Operational Areas

Sbe Tanzania Limited is well organized with dynamic team work and task force both enabling the company to operate into different operational locations. We are in the position to operate country wide serving the in the market nareas of Land Development proposal, Commercial / Residential and Civil Construction, while out-sighting to across the border.

Plants, Equipment and Technology
Our commitment to innovation is exemplified by our extensive network of sophisticated
plants employing the latest technologies, managed by our PET department

Quality Control
Sbe Tanzania Limited Quality Control Unit has taken an innovative approach to quality management, where services are provided on an integrated basis across two functional areas: the Engineering group and the Technical group.

Load and Support Shoring System
The Load and Support Shoring System is an innovative shoring system adapted by Sbe Tanzania Limited intended to reduce erection time, and risk of working at heights.